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Frames of Four seasons designed by Alice Makabe

This is the first collaboration with popular embridery artist, Alice Makabe.
Cute designes with seasonal grasses, flowers and little birds. A frame is included.

Four seasons, I made each motif to suit the seasonal plants. Also I made a graphic patterns with relax feelings.
Stretchy stems, up-looking flowers, plumpy nuts, to feel these lively plants, please enjoy your stitches.
Alice Makabe

<Fabric size> 7537 & 7539:outer frame: approx.15cm x 20cm, inner frame:11.6 x 16.6cm
7538 & 7540:outer frame: approx.20cm x 15cm, inner frame:16.6 x 11.6cm
<Contents> No.25 embroidery thread, printed embroidery fabric, needle designed for French embroidery, interlining, wooden frame and instruction with color graphic(Japanese)
<Remarks> Embroidery patterns are printed on fabric.
A wooden frame is enclosed. Available for wall hanging and standing.