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The second issue of "The Craftmanship" series

Kogin Stitch was established by farmers in Tsugaru province in the Edo era.
Sakizomemomen (Piece dyed Fabric) is also born in Mitsuki, Niigata in the Edo era.
-The Combination of above, we present you "Craftmanship"series with our Olympus essencees. This is opur second issue.

<Finished size> 【Card Case】:Approx.7cm × 11cm 【Flat Porch】:Approx.13cm × 20cm
<Contents> Olympus No.3500 Linen Cloth(Linen 100%), sakizomemomen(yarn dyed fabric)(Cotton 100%), Kogin Thread(Cotton 100%), Kogin Thread(Cotton 100%), Kogin Needle, Instruction)
Magnet button (Kogin96~98)
Semi-sewn sakizomemomen fabric with fastner(Kogin 99~101)
<Counts> 20 counts/1 inch・Approx.80 counts/10cm