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GARDEN PARTY My First French Embroidery---Lesson Cloth--

For beginners of French Embroidery, our suggetion is this kit. The kit includes No.25 Embroidery thread and pettern-printed fabric and needle. Easy to learn stitches of French Embroidery. We also have 3 ranges to suit your skills.

<Fabric size> Approx.13cm x 26cm
<Contents> No.25 Embroidery Thread (Cotton 100%)、Embroidery Cloth(patterns are printed)、French Embroidery Needle、Instruction
GP-K1: Running S., Stem S., Fly S., Back S., Chain S., Straight S., Lazy Daisy S.、French Knot,
GP-K7: Back S., Straight S., Outline S., Chain S. French Knot, Lazy Daisy S. Fly S., Lazy Daisy S. + Streight S., Whipped back S.
GP-K2: Back S., Stem S., Fly S., Zig Zag S., Buttonhole S., Chevron S., Straight S., French Knot, Coral S., Feather S., Herring Bone S., Bullion S..
GP-K8: Outline S., Chain S., Lazy Daisy S. Fly S., Freich knot, Zig Zag S., Feather S., Button Hole S., Herring Bone S., Outline Filling, Chain Filling, Freich Knot Filling
GP-K3: Back S., Straight S., Stem S., Chain S., French Knot, Double Lazy Daisy S., Fern S.,Rambler Rose S., Bullion S., Bullion Rose S., Bullion Knot S., Bullion Daisy S., Long and Short S., Satin S., Fishbone S.,
GP-K9: Straight S. Outline S. Lazy Daisy S. Freich Knot, Fern S., Bullion S. Bullion Daisy S., Long & Short S., Fishbone S., Sten S., Lazy Daisy S. + Streight S., Split S., Freich Knot Filling, Spider Web Rose S.