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GARDEN PARTY French Embroidery kit------Covered button------

This is our solution for the beginners to master French embroideries in a short time.
You can make covered buttons and please select Level 1,2 and 3 accoding to your skills.
We also recommend to use these kits as a review of our Garden Party kit "First try, French embroideries" GP-K1,2 and 3).
these kits includes printed embroidery fabric, embroidery thread, needle, parts of covered buttons, and fully illustrated instruction.

<Fabric size> 【GP-K4】Square type:approx.3cm×3cm
【GP-K5~6】Circular type:diameter:approx.3cm
<Contents> No.25 embroidery thread, embroidery fabric(patterns are printed), needle specially designed for French embroidery and insdtruction
【GP-K4】Covered button(Square type)
【GP-K5~6】Covered button(Circular type)
<Dandelions> Straight S.,
<Forget-me-not> Lazy Daisy S., French Knot S.,
<Lily of the valley> Straight S., Stem S., French Knot S.,
<Mimosa> Straight S., French Knot S., Fly S.,
<Anemone> French Knot S., Buttonhole S.,
<Lavender> Stem S., Fly S., Bullion S., Lazy Daisy S.,
<Jasmine> Straight S., French Knot S., Lazy Daisy S., Stem S., Satin S.,
<Pansy> Straight S., French Knot S., Satin S., Fishbone S.,
<Rose> Stem S., Satin S., Bullion Rose S.,